ASV Electrolysis
"Saying Goodbye to Unwanted Hair".

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What is Electrolysis?  

Electrolysis is performed with precision.  Electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hairs.  The procedure involves inserting a fine probe into the natural opening of the hair follicle, alongside the unwanted hair.  A current is released, destroying the growth cells of the hair and preventing the follicle from producing another hair.  After treatment the hair is removed gently with forceps.

Is Electrolysis really permanent?

It is the only method recommended by the FDA as being PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. 

How many treatments will I need?

The length of each appointment and the number of sessions needed will vary with each client. Many factors will determine how many treatments you will need, such as: ethnic background, hair texture, density, the area being treated and hair removal methods previously used (such as waxing or tweezing)  

Are there any risk to having electrolysis?

For most healthy people there is absolutely no health risk.  Electrolysis has been performed safely for over 100 years to many satisfied clients.The electrologist will review your health history, medications currently prescribed and concerns during the consultation.Clients who have a pacemaker device should definitely not undergo electrolysis treatments. Diabetics or anyone with a serious health problem should speak with their physician before beginning electrolysis treatments.  A doctor's note is necessary before beginning treatments on diabetics and on all moles.  Electrolysis using the thermolysis mode is safe during pregnancy.

How does Electrolysis differ from Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is effective on dark hair found on clients with fair skin.  It is a method used as a "REDUCTION OF UNWANTED HAIR", whereas Electrolysis is found to be effective on ALL hair types and skin pigmentation and it is the ONLY method proven to "PERMANENTLY REMOVE UNWANTED HAIR". 

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